Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama Hope

This blog is part of Sustainable myths Blog. It was written just with occasion of election of Obama as president of USA

Maybe you'll ask yourself, what has to do new elected president with sustainability? Yes, he has to do too much. I'll let here my own lament about this election. Americans proved themselves like a real leader nation in the world. This nation, which is the supreme development of civilization, show that they can feel when troubles are to come, and that they are willing to be still leaders of good things.
Obama is man for changes. Changes as he told cannot be done in 4 years, but changes must be done. What kind of changes? Changes to wells of energy. Others wells of energy then sustainable are not available. If this big country has power to change complete technology, investments, and direct his strength to new way of life, then the world can see brighter future. Plane which Obama drive is long time ago set on autopilot. Former presidents, were just simulating driving, but in fact drive was performed by an economic establishment based on fossil gormandize and collect of money.Unnecessary wars, just kill and find some job for military power. Can Obama, dare Obama to switch from autopilot to manual piloting? Big sign of question.Very difficult. Hyenas are all around him. Its easier to invent another Osama Bin laden then open wallet and invest in something not such profitable like petrol and war?
Now it become a big problem. Forthy years before, scenery of Kennedy assassination was magnific performed. At the same time they killed Merylin, spread rumor about love, affair, letters and forty years people ask how good was Merylin in bed more than ask why in fact Kennedy was killed? At the same time Russions chased Hruschov, another actor of piece policy. Can, dare Obama to switch to sustainable investments? Take from mouth of gun keepers? I'm sure, there already some of them prepare scenario with fool with pigmentation illness to whitewash killing of president.
There are two ways to get rid of permanent crisis. War, total war or switching to recycling world, which will take around 50 years just to start. Without support of American nation, like nation, Obama can't do this.

See here 18 min speech of Obama vision of energy independence of USA. Too big swallow.

Sewing patches on tear pants

Yes these are solutions: fuels flexible cars, ethanol, methanol, fuel cells, and hybrid.

Wind Energy, Solar panels and so on. We have to consider use of hydrogen fuel.

It seems very easy to talk about. Ones must consider infrastructure, static and dynamic stability of power network, and distribution of fuel. We have to keep in mind some things which are the base of new way of producing and using energy. First of all now it comes to produce sources of energy. Use energy to produce energy. Another important problem is storing of energy. Yes we will use FFC, but they also need soup to drive them.

Sources of energy and resources to produce them must be capital problem of every nation. Don’t bear poor people to solve their own problems. You will need large systems of electricity. Wind farms with cogeneration. The smallest wind turbine in such farm shouldn’t be under 2 Megawatts. In sunny places must be considered sun power towers, not less then 200 Megawatts.

Large systems of cogeneration of hydro power, sun power, wind power and fuel cells are solution for a national strategy of every country. American nation (beside some others) has the highest resource of energy: knowledge and education. If you ask me, this planet has to have a planetary government.

At this stage (of energy death of planet), we didn’t evolved to such developed societies. :))

"No one wastes* a new patch on a worn-out garment, so it may not shrink more than the old garment and make the tear* bigger. (Mathew 9:16)